Desperate Lies Brazilian TV Series Review: Should Watch Or Not

“Desperate Lies” (original title: “Pedaço de Mim”) is a new Brazilian series on Netflix that blends soapy melodrama with dark, almost grim elements. Created by Ângela Chaves, the series navigates the life of Liana (Juliana Paes), a woman whose life takes an unexpected and dramatic turn.

Desperate Lies Brazilian TV Series Review

Desperate Lies Brazilian TV Series Review

Desperate Lies Brazilian TV Series Plot Summary:

“Desperate Lies” follows the tumultuous journey of Liana (Juliana Paes), a woman whose life spirals into chaos after discovering she is pregnant with twins fathered by two different men. After experiencing multiple miscarriages, Liana takes fertility medication without informing her husband, Tomás (Vladimir Brichta). Amidst their strained marriage, Liana finds flirtatious messages on Tomás’s phone, leading to a confrontation and his decision to go on a biking trip.

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Feeling betrayed and desolate, Liana seeks solace with her friend Débora (Martha Nowill), leading to a night of drinking and drugs with Débora’s brother, Oscar (Felipe Abib). Oscar, revealing his long-standing crush, takes advantage of Liana while she is semi-conscious. The next morning, Liana realizes what happened and soon after, discovers she is pregnant.

As the story unfolds, Liana learns she is expecting twins and a paternity test reveals the shocking truth: one fetus belongs to her husband Tomás, and the other to Oscar. The series delves into how Liana navigates this revelation, the impact on her marriage, and the complex dynamics with both men as they come to terms with the truth.

Desperate Lies Brazilian TV Series Cast:

Desperate Lies Brazilian TV Series Review

  • Juliana Paes as Liana
  • Vladimir Brichta as Tomás
  • Felipe Abib as Oscar
  • Martha Nowill as Débora
  • Paloma Duarte as Silvia
  • Yohama Eshima as Claudia

Desperate Lies Brazilian TV Series Production Details:

  • Creator: Ângela Chaves
  • Original Network: Netflix
  • Number of Episodes: 17
  • Genre: Drama, Melodrama
  • Location: Filmed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Desperate Lies Brazilian TV Series Review:

The first episode of “Desperate Lies” is a challenging watch, not only due to the grim circumstances surrounding Liana’s pregnancy but also because of the numerous interconnections and coincidences typical of a telenovela. The show’s strength lies in its ability to weave dark themes with melodramatic elements, though it risks becoming convoluted with multiple side plots.

The series’ central premise—that Liana is carrying twins fathered by two different men—provides a unique and intense narrative. However, the myriad of additional subplots, such as Silvia’s dual roles as both an OB-GYN and ER doctor, and the annual commemoration of Liana’s brother’s death, may either enrich the story or detract from its main focus, depending on their execution.

Where to Watch Desperate Lies Brazilian TV Series:

“Desperate Lies” is available for streaming on Netflix.

Desperate Lies Brazilian TV Series Director and Writer:

Ângela Chaves

Desperate Lies Brazilian TV Series Rating:

Rating: 2.5/5

FAQs: (Frequently asked Questions)

  1. What is “Desperate Lies” about?
    “Desperate Lies” follows the story of Liana, a woman who discovers she is pregnant with twins fathered by two different men—her husband Tomás and Oscar, who sexually assaulted her. The series explores the resulting emotional and relational turmoil.
  2. Is “Desperate Lies” based on a book?
    No, it is an original story created by Ângela Chaves.
  3. Where was “Desperate Lies” filmed?
    The series was filmed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  4. How many episodes are in “Desperate Lies”?
    The series consists of 17 episodes.
  5. Who are the main cast members of “Desperate Lies”?
    The main cast includes Juliana Paes as Liana, Vladimir Brichta as Tomás, Felipe Abib as Oscar, Martha Nowill as Débora, and Paloma Duarte as Silvia.
  6. What genre is “Desperate Lies”?
    The series is a drama with strong melodramatic elements.
  7. Who created “Desperate Lies”?
    Ângela Chaves is the creator of the series.
  8. What themes does “Desperate Lies” explore?
    The series explores themes of infidelity, sexual assault, complex family dynamics, and the impact of secrets and lies.
  9. What shows are similar to “Desperate Lies”?
    “Desperate Lies” has been compared to telenovelas like “Jane The Virgin” but with a much darker tone.
  10. Can I watch “Desperate Lies” on Netflix?
    Yes, “Desperate Lies” is available for streaming on Netflix.


“Desperate Lies” is a gripping and dark melodrama that tackles heavy themes with a unique narrative twist. While its complexity and numerous subplots may be challenging for some viewers, fans of intense, emotional storytelling will find it compelling. The show’s ability to blend soapy drama with serious, dark moments sets it apart, making it a noteworthy addition to Netflix’s lineup of international series.

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