Find Me Falling Hollywood Movie OTT Release Date: Check Out Here Plot, Cast & OTT Platform

“Find Me Falling” is an enchanting romantic comedy written and directed by Stelana Kliris. Starring Agni Scott and Harry Connick Jr., the film explores themes of love, reconciliation, and self-discovery. Set against the stunning backdrop of Cyprus, the movie promises a blend of humor and heartfelt moments. “Find Me Falling” is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on July 19, 2024.

Find Me Falling Hollywood Movie OTT Release Date

Find Me Falling Hollywood Movie OTT Release Date

Find Me Falling Hollywood Movie Plot Summary:

“Find Me Falling” follows the story of John Allman, a once-famous rockstar whose career has hit a rough patch following a flop album. Seeking solace and a fresh start, John retreats to a secluded cliffside home in Cyprus, overlooking the serene Mediterranean Sea. His plan for a peaceful hiatus is upended when Sia, his old lover, unexpectedly reappears in his life.

Find Me Falling Hollywood Movie OTT Release Date

As John grapples with rekindled emotions and unresolved feelings, he must decide whether to embrace this second chance at love or continue his pursuit of musical success. The film delves into the complexities of past relationships and the choices that define our futures.

Find Me Falling Hollywood Movie Cast:

  • Harry Connick Jr. as John Allman
  • Agni Scott as Sia
  • Angeliki Philippidou as Marikou
  • Clarence Smith as Jimmy
  • Athina Roditou as Anna
  • Tony Demetriou as Captain Manoli
  • Lea Maleni as Koula
  • Ali Fumiko Whitney as Melinaa

The diverse cast brings to life a colorful array of characters, each contributing to the film’s charm and depth.

Find Me Falling Hollywood Movie Production Details:

  • Director and Writer: Stelana Kliris
  • Producers: Keith Arnold, Stelana Kliris, Steven Shapiro (Meraki Films, Jupiter Peak Productions)
  • Cinematography: Stephan Metzner
  • Editor: Emilios Avraam
  • Music Composer: Carlos Jose Alvarez

Trailer Description:

YouTube (Netflix)

The trailer for “Find Me Falling” was released on Netflix’s social media platforms, generating buzz among fans. It begins with John Allman moving into his picturesque home in Cyprus, scenes of the rocky cliffs and azure waters setting a tranquil yet introspective tone. The trailer then shifts to the sudden reappearance of Sia, capturing the emotional turmoil and comedic moments that follow. The interplay between John’s quest for peace and the chaos brought by Sia’s return is highlighted, promising a film filled with both laughter and poignant moments.

Where to Watch Find Me Falling Hollywood Movie:

“Find Me Falling” will be available for streaming on Netflix starting July 19, 2024. Subscribers can enjoy this romantic comedy from the comfort of their homes, immersing themselves in the beautiful scenery of Cyprus and the heartfelt journey of its characters.

FAQs: (Frequently asked Questions)

1. When is “Find Me Falling” being released on OTT?
“Find Me Falling” will be released on Netflix on July 19, 2024.

2. Who are the lead actors in “Find Me Falling”?
The lead actors in “Find Me Falling” are Harry Connick Jr. and Agni Scott.

3. What is the basic plot of “Find Me Falling”?
The film follows John Allman, a rockstar who moves to Cyprus to escape his troubled career, only to have his life disrupted by the return of his old lover, Sia.

4. Who directed and wrote “Find Me Falling”?
Stelana Kliris directed and wrote “Find Me Falling”.

5. Who produced “Find Me Falling”?
The film was produced by Keith Arnold, Stelana Kliris, and Steven Shapiro under Meraki Films and Jupiter Peak Productions.

6. Where was “Find Me Falling” filmed?
“Find Me Falling” was filmed in the picturesque locations of Cyprus, particularly on its cliffside and coastal areas.

7. Who composed the music for “Find Me Falling”?
Carlos Jose Alvarez composed the music for “Find Me Falling”.

8. What is the runtime of “Find Me Falling”?
The specific runtime of “Find Me Falling” hasn’t been disclosed, but romantic comedies typically run between 90 to 120 minutes.

9. How did Netflix announce the release of “Find Me Falling”?
Netflix announced the release of “Find Me Falling” by sharing the trailer on their social media platform X, highlighting key plot points and the release date.

10. What themes are explored in “Find Me Falling”?
“Find Me Falling” explores themes of love, reconciliation, self-discovery, and the impact of past relationships on one’s present and future.

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