Por Tamil Action Movie Now Streaming on Netflix

Por, meaning “War,” is a riveting 2024 Indian action drama directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Bejoy Nambiar. The movie unfolds in both Hindi and Tamil languages simultaneously, offering a diverse cinematic experience. Starring a talented ensemble cast, including Harshvardhan Rane, Ehan Bhat, Arjun Das, Kalidas Jayaram, Nikita Dutta, Sanchana Natarajan, and TJ Bhanu, Por delves into the complexities of conflict, loyalty, and redemption.

Por Tamil Action Movie on Netflix

Por Tamil Action Movie on Netflix

Por Tamil Action Movie Plot Synopsis:

Por Tamil Action Movie on Netflix

Por delves into the intricate web of alliances and betrayals within the criminal underworld. As tensions escalate, the characters find themselves embroiled in a high-stakes battle for survival. Loyalties are tested, and the line between friend and foe blurs as they navigate through the chaos of war.

Por Tamil Action Movie Cast:

Por Tamil Action Movie on Netflix

The cast of Por boasts a stellar lineup of talent, with Harshvardhan Rane, Ehan Bhat, Arjun Das, and Kalidas Jayaram delivering compelling performances that captivate audiences across both Hindi and Tamil versions. Supported by Nikita Dutta, Sanchana Natarajan, and TJ Bhanu, the ensemble cast breathes life into the complex characters that populate this action-packed drama.

Trailer: Por Tamil Action Movie

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The trailer of Por offers a tantalizing glimpse into the adrenaline-fueled world of the film, showcasing intense action sequences, gripping drama, and powerful performances that promise an enthralling cinematic experience.

Where to Watch:

Por Tamil Action Movie on Netflix

Por is now available for streaming exclusively on Netflix, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the heart-pounding action and suspense from the comfort of their own homes.

Here are the Netflix Link to Watch: Por.

Por Tamil Action Movie Director:

Helmed by the visionary director Bejoy Nambiar, Por is a testament to his cinematic prowess and storytelling finesse.

Por Tamil Action Movie Writer:

Screenplay crafted by Bejoy Nambiar, Mithila Hegde, Francis Thomas, and Neil Julian Balthazar, the film seamlessly weaves together multiple narratives to create a compelling and immersive viewing experience.

Language Available:

Por is presented in both Hindi and Tamil languages, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of audiences across different regions.


Por is presented as a standalone feature film, with a runtime of 150 minutes for the Hindi version and 151 minutes for the Tamil version, offering a comprehensive and engaging narrative from start to finish.

FAQs: (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Is Por available in languages other than Hindi and Tamil?
    No, Por is currently available in Hindi and Tamil languages only.
  2. What is the genre of Por?
    Por is primarily an action drama film, featuring elements of suspense, thriller, and crime.
  3. Who are the main characters in Por?
    The main characters include Xavier “Zee,” Yuvaraj “Yuva,” Rishika “Rish,” Gayatri “Gayu,” Siddhi, and various other pivotal figures within the storyline.
  4. What is the critical reception of Por?
    The film received mixed reviews from critics, with praise for the performances of the male leads and criticism for the abundance of characters and subplots.
  5. Who composed the music for Por?
    The score for Por was created by Modern Tape Scores and Gaurav Godkhindi, while the songs were composed by Sanjith Hegde and Dhruv Visvanath.
  6. Is Por available for streaming on any other platforms besides Netflix?
    Por is exclusively available for streaming on Netflix.


Por Tamil Action Movie on Netflix

Por offers a gripping narrative, stellar performances, and adrenaline-pumping action that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats throughout. With its compelling storyline, dynamic characters, and expert direction, Por stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of Indian cinema, showcasing the diversity and creativity of its filmmakers and artists. Now available on Netflix, Por invites audiences to immerse themselves in a world of intrigue, suspense, and intense drama unlike any other.

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