Star Tamil Movie OTT Release Date: Check Out Here Plot, Cast & Other Details

Amazon Prime Video has added the recent Tamil film Star to its streaming lineup, featuring Kavin in the lead role. The film was unexpectedly released on the platform at midnight, surprising fans and viewers alike.

Star Tamil Movie OTT Release Date

Star Tamil Movie OTT Release Date

Star Tamil Movie Plot:

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Directed by Elan, Star is a compelling coming-of-age story that follows Kalairasan, a middle-class man with big dreams of becoming a film actor. The film explores the challenges and triumphs he faces on his journey to stardom, offering an engaging narrative that resonates with many aspiring individuals.

Star Tamil Movie Cast and Crew:

Star Tamil Movie OTT Release Date

  • Kavin as Kalairasan: Delivers a powerful performance as the protagonist, portraying the struggles and aspirations of a common man with remarkable depth.
  • Lal: Adds gravitas to the film with his seasoned acting skills.
  • Aaditi Pohankar: Shines in her role, adding a nuanced layer to the story.
  • Preity Mukhundhan, Geetha Kailasam, Maaran, Kaadhal Sugumar, and Nivedita Rajappan: Contribute significantly to the film, enhancing the overall narrative with their performances.

Star Tamil Movie Creative Team:

  • Director: Elan, known for his 2018 romantic-comedy Pyaar Prema Kaadhal, brings his unique vision to this coming-of-age tale.
  • Music: Composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja, the film’s soundtrack is both evocative and memorable, perfectly complementing the story.
  • Editing: Pradeep E Ragav’s precise editing ensures a smooth narrative flow.
  • Cinematography: Handled by Ezhil Arasu K, the film boasts visually appealing shots that capture the essence of the protagonist’s journey.

Star Tamil Movie Theatrical Release and Online Streaming:

Star was released in theaters on May 10 and has now made its way to Amazon Prime Video, allowing a broader audience to experience its heartfelt story.

FAQs: (Frequently asked Questions)

  1. When did “Star” start streaming on Amazon Prime Video?
    Star began streaming on Amazon Prime Video at midnight on an unannounced date.
  2. Who plays the lead role in “Star”?
    Kavin plays the lead role of Kalairasan in the film.
  3. What is the plot of “Star”?
    Star is a coming-of-age tale about Kalairasan, a middle-class man who dreams of becoming a film actor and navigates various challenges to achieve his goal.
  4. Who directed “Star”?
    The film is directed by Elan, known for his work on Pyaar Prema Kaadhal.
  5. Who composed the music for “Star”?
    The music for Star is composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja.
  6. When was “Star” released in theaters?
    Star was released in theaters on May 10.
  7. What are some notable cast members in “Star”?
    The film features performances by Lal, Aaditi Pohankar, Preity Mukhundhan, Geetha Kailasam, Maaran, Kaadhal Sugumar, and Nivedita Rajappan.
  8. Who handled the cinematography for “Star”?
    Ezhil Arasu K handled the cinematography for the film.
  9. Is “Star” Elan’s first directorial venture?
    No, Star is Elan’s second directorial venture, following his 2018 film Pyaar Prema Kaadhal.
  10. Where can I watch “Star”?
    Star is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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