The Boyfriend Upcoming Japanese TV Series Teaser Release: Teases Gentle Gay Romance Reality Series

Netflix has unveiled the teaser trailer for The Boyfriend, Japan’s inaugural same-sex romance reality series. This new series promises to fill the void left by the much-loved Terrace House, offering an earnest and soothing slice-of-life experience.

The Boyfriend Upcoming Japanese TV Series Teaser Release

The Boyfriend Japanese TV Series Plot:

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The Boyfriend follows the lives of nine men living together in a beach house for one month. The participants will take turns working at a coffee truck while developing friendships and learning more about themselves. Although the primary focus is on building connections and personal growth, romance is not off the table if emotional connections evolve beyond friendship.

Executive Producer’s Vision:

“We started out wanting to highlight the young men’s friendships and personalities,” stated executive producer Dai Ota. “Our aim extended beyond romance, emphasizing quality time spent together and fostering personal growth.”

The Boyfriend Japanese TV Series Format and Hosts:

The 10-episode series will be hosted by a diverse mix of Japanese personalities, each bringing their unique perspectives to the show. The hosts include:

  • MEGUMI: Actress known for her versatile roles.
  • Chiaki Horan: Actress with a strong television presence.
  • Yoshimi Tokui: Comedian and television host.
  • Thelma Aoyama: Renowned singer.
  • Durian Lollobrigida: Prominent drag queen.

These hosts will provide commentary and insights on the dynamics and developments within the house.

The Boyfriend Japanese TV Series Release Date:

The Boyfriend is set to premiere on July 9, with new episodes released every Tuesday. Fans can look forward to weekly installments, offering a continuous journey through the participants’ experiences and relationships.

FAQs: (Frequently asked Questions)

1. What is The Boyfriend about?
The Boyfriend is Japan’s first same-sex romance reality series, following nine men living together in a beach house for a month. The show focuses on their friendships, personal growth, and potential romantic connections.

2. When does The Boyfriend premiere on Netflix?
The series premieres on July 9, with new episodes released every Tuesday.

3. Who are the hosts of The Boyfriend?
The show is hosted by a mix of Japanese personalities, including actress MEGUMI, actress Chiaki Horan, comedian Yoshimi Tokui, singer Thelma Aoyama, and drag queen Durian Lollobrigida.

4. What is the main focus of The Boyfriend?
The main focus is on highlighting the friendships and personalities of the participants, as well as their personal growth. While romance is not the primary focus, it is welcomed if emotional connections develop.

5. How many episodes will The Boyfriend have?
The series will consist of 10 episodes.

6. What activities do the participants engage in on the show?
Participants will take turns working at a coffee truck and spend time together in the beach house, engaging in various activities that foster friendships and personal growth.

7. Is there a specific goal for the participants on The Boyfriend?
There is no specific goal or pressure to find romance. The main objective is for the participants to develop friendships, learn about themselves, and grow personally.

8. How does The Boyfriend compare to Terrace House?
The Boyfriend offers a similar slice-of-life experience as Terrace House, focusing on genuine interactions and personal stories. However, it distinguishes itself by being Japan’s first same-sex romance reality series.

9. Can viewers expect drama and conflict in The Boyfriend?
While the show emphasizes personal growth and friendships, natural dynamics between participants may lead to some drama and conflict, typical of any reality series.

10. Where can I watch the trailer for The Boyfriend?
The trailer for The Boyfriend is available on Netflix’s official YouTube channel and other streaming platforms associated with Netflix.


The Boyfriend promises to be a heartwarming and introspective journey into the lives of its participants. With its focus on friendship, personal growth, and potential romance, the series is set to offer a refreshing and inclusive take on reality television. Mark your calendars for July 9 and get ready to be captivated by the gentle charm of The Boyfriend.

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