Turbo Malayalam Movie Review: Mammootty and Raj B Shetty’s Film Falls Into the Trap of Clichés

Turbo, directed by Vysakh and starring Mammootty and Raj B Shetty, is a missed opportunity. Despite having two brilliant performers sharing the screen, the film fails to transcend its clichéd plot devices and predictable story arcs. The action film recycles familiar tropes, leaving audiences yearning for something more original and engaging.

Turbo Malayalam Movie Review

Turbo Malayalam Movie Review

Turbo Malayalam Movie Plot and Characters:

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The film centers around Jose (Mammootty) and Vetrivel (Raj B Shetty), two characters trapped in a cycle of violence and revenge. Jose finds himself embroiled in an underground syndicate that scams banks using dormant accounts to stash black money. The setup is intriguing, and the first act does a decent job of establishing key characters and the storyline. However, the plot soon becomes convoluted, with unnecessary subplots and lackluster character development.

Missed Opportunities:

One of the film’s major shortcomings is the delayed meeting between Jose and Vetrivel. The anticipation for their clash builds up, but when they finally come face to face in a police station, the scene lacks the drama and tension necessary to make it impactful. The background score attempts to compensate, but it cannot mask the void in the screenplay.

Turbo Malayalam Movie Review

The relationship dynamics are another weak point. Jose’s involvement with Indu feels forced and detracts from what could have been a more compelling narrative if he had remained focused on his interactions with Vetrivel. Furthermore, the friendship between Jose and Jerry lacks depth and screen time, making it difficult for the audience to empathize with Jose’s loss when Jerry is killed. Jerry is portrayed as an irresponsible character, eliciting little sympathy from viewers.

Turbo Malayalam Movie Performances and Direction:

Despite the film’s flaws, Mammootty and Raj B Shetty deliver strong performances. Mammootty’s portrayal of a man caught in a relentless cycle of violence is powerful, and Raj B Shetty’s frustration with the clichéd situations mirrors the audience’s sentiments. However, their performances alone cannot salvage a film bogged down by a lackluster script.

Director Vysakh and writer Midhun Manuel Thomas seem aware of the film’s clichés, as evidenced by the characters’ meta-commentary on the predictability of their situations. Yet, this self-awareness does not translate into a more innovative or engaging narrative.

Technical Aspects:

The film’s technical aspects, such as the background score and cinematography, are competent but unremarkable. The score attempts to inject tension into scenes but often falls short. The cinematography captures the action sequences well but does not elevate the film beyond its formulaic roots.

Turbo Malayalam Movie Director:

Director: Vysakh.

Turbo Malayalam Movie Cast:

Cast: Mammootty, Raj B Shetty, Sunil, Anjana Jayaprakash.

Turbo Malayalam Movie Rating:

Rating: 2/5 stars

FAQs: (Frequently asked Questions)

  1. Who directed ‘Turbo’?
    Vysakh directed ‘Turbo’.
  1. Who are the lead actors in ‘Turbo’?
    The lead actors are Mammootty and Raj B Shetty.
  1. What is the plot of ‘Turbo’?
    The film follows Jose, who becomes involved in an underground syndicate scamming banks, and his eventual clash with Vetrivel.
  1. Why does the film feel clichéd?
    The film recycles familiar plot devices and lacks innovative storytelling, making it feel dated and predictable.
  1. How are the performances of Mammootty and Raj B Shetty?
    Both actors deliver strong performances, but their efforts are undermined by a lackluster script.
  1. What are the main criticisms of the film?
    Delayed character meetings, lack of tension, weak relationship dynamics, and clichéd plotlines.
  1. Is there any notable scene in the film?
    The face-to-face meeting between Jose and Vetrivel in the police station is notable but lacks the necessary drama.
  1. Will there be a sequel to ‘Turbo’?
    Yes, the makers have hinted at a sequel, though the prospects are not highly anticipated given the reception of the original.
  1. What genre does ‘Turbo’ belong to?
    ‘Turbo’ is an action film.
  1. What is the rating of ‘Turbo’?
    The film is rated 2 out of 5 stars.


Turbo is a film that could have been much more, given its talented cast and intriguing premise. However, it falls into the trap of clichés and predictable plotlines, leaving viewers with a sense of déjà vu rather than excitement. The announcement of a sequel does little to inspire confidence, as the original fails to lay a strong foundation for future installments.

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