Weapon Tamil Movie Review: Should Watch Or Not

Hollywood superhero films have dominated the entertainment landscape for over a decade, often prompting the question, “If they can make it, why can’t we?” This sentiment appears to have inspired the new Tamil film, Weapon. However, instead of crafting a unique narrative, the film seems to borrow heavily from various iconic superhero franchises, resulting in a chaotic and unfocused story.

Weapon Tamil Movie Review

Weapon Tamil Movie Review

Weapon Tamil Movie Plot Summary:

Weapon attempts to weave together numerous elements familiar to superhero aficionados: laboratory experimentation, a powerful elite, a group of assassins, super-soldiers, cloning, ecological conservation, and genetic modification. Unfortunately, these themes are haphazardly thrown together in a two-hour runtime, making it nearly impossible to follow the plot. The film continuously jumps from one concept to another without giving any of them the depth or attention they deserve.

YouTube (T-Series Tamil)

The story kicks off with NSG capturing a suspect, only to abruptly cut to a group of YouTubers and their song, then to an evil businessman, and then to a secret elite society. The rapid, disjointed transitions between these scenes leave the audience disoriented and disengaged.

Weapon Tamil Movie Cast:

  • Sathyaraj as Mithran
  • Vasanth Ravi
  • Tanya Hope
  • Rajiv Menon

Weapon Tamil Movie Review:

The movie’s convoluted storyline is compounded by awkward and often silly dialogues. Characters make irrational decisions that further muddle the narrative. For instance, a woman saved by a superhero suddenly decides he’s a monster, needing another character to remind her that he saved her life. A man hiring assassins touts their 100% success rate after mentioning that he has previously hired over 30 groups who were all killed. Such incoherent character interactions make it hard to take the film seriously.

Weapon Tamil Movie Review

Visually, Weapon sometimes feels like an assortment of promotional footage. From tourism shots of Theni to wildlife conservation campaigns, these sequences seem randomly inserted and fail to contribute meaningfully to the story. The bond between Mithran and an elephant, for example, is established hastily through a song, offering no real emotional impact.

The film’s constant telegraphing of its plot twists further undermines any suspense. When an elephant is introduced, its future role is obvious. Similarly, when a character is shown with a child, the subsequent developments are predictable. Even the supposed big twist involving Vasanth Ravi’s character falls flat due to its abrupt and unconvincing execution.

While the visual effects (VFX) are decent and some ambitious action scenes are well-executed, they are not enough to salvage the film. The pre-interval action sequence featuring Sathyaraj is somewhat entertaining, though overly reliant on slow-motion, making it feel interminable.

The only somewhat engaging aspect is Mithran’s character, a reclusive, powerful individual reminiscent of Hancock. However, the film fails to explore his pain and loneliness in a meaningful way.

Weapon Tamil Movie Director:

Guhan Senniappan

Weapon Tamil Movie Rating:

Rating: 2/5 stars.

FAQs: (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What is Weapon about?
    Weapon is a Tamil film that combines various superhero elements such as laboratory experiments, powerful elites, assassins, super-soldiers, cloning, and ecological conservation into a convoluted storyline.
  2. Who directed Weapon?
    The film was directed by Guhan Senniappan.
  3. Who are the main cast members?
    The main cast includes Sathyaraj as Mithran, Vasanth Ravi, Tanya Hope, and Rajiv Menon.
  4. What are the major criticisms of the film?
    The film has been criticized for its incoherent plot, disjointed storytelling, awkward dialogues, and underdeveloped characters.
  5. Is Weapon worth watching for its action sequences?
    While some action sequences are well-executed, they are not sufficient to redeem the film’s overall lack of coherence and engagement.
  6. How are the visual effects in Weapon?
    The visual effects are competent and one of the few redeeming aspects of the film.
  7. Does Weapon have any redeeming qualities?
    Mithran’s character, played by Sathyaraj, has potential, and some action scenes are decently executed. However, these elements are overshadowed by the film’s numerous flaws.
  8. What is the runtime of Weapon?
    The film has a runtime of approximately two hours.
  9. How does Weapon compare to Hollywood superhero films?
    Weapon borrows heavily from Hollywood superhero tropes but fails to deliver a coherent and engaging narrative, unlike its Hollywood counterparts.
  10. What is the rating of Weapon?
    The film has been rated 2 out of 5 stars due to its numerous shortcomings.


Weapon had the potential to offer an intriguing addition to the Tamil superhero genre, but it falters due to its scattered storytelling and lack of focus. The ambition is evident, and the VFX is competent, but the film’s weak narrative and poorly developed characters ultimately lead to its downfall. Next time, attention should be paid not only to incorporating superhero tropes but also to creating genuine moments of vulnerability that endear characters to the audience. This is why, even after Endgame, we remember Tony Stark’s heartfelt moments rather than just his arsenal.

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